Representing Canadian women in soccer since 2016

Advancing the interests of women in sport

As members of the CNWT we have a powerful platform to empower girls and women through our international performances. We aim to create and enhance the opportunity for Canadian women to forge a career in professional soccer

Inspiring a future generation of players

Leadership team

Janine Beckie
  • Janine Beckie
  • Player Representive
Jessie Fleming
  • Jessie Fleming
  • Player Representive
  • Quinn
  • Player Representive
Sophie Schmidt
  • Sophie Schmidt
  • Player Representive
Kailen Sheridan
  • Kailen Sheridan
  • Player Representive
Christine Sinclair
  • Christine Sinclair
  • Player Representive
Advisory members
The team is supported by an advisory committee of leading professional services

Association History

  • December 2016

    Formed the Association and commenced negotiations for a 2017 Women’s National Team Compensation Agreement

  • November 2017

    Signed agreement covering compensation for Canadian National Women’s team players for the 2017 year. Included terms covering:

    • Compensation payable to the members of the Canadian National Women’s Team
    • Funding by the Canada Soccer Association to the NWSL to subsidise the salaries of 10 women’s national team players
    • Established basic provisions for women’s national team residency and travel
    • Agreed roster fees payable for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifying Tournament, the Olympic Games and the Olympic Games Qualifying Tournament
    • Created provisions for appearances and the use of player likenesses
  • July 2018

    Finalized the compensation agreement for 2018